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Eureka Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder - Black Smoke - Open Box

Eureka Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder - Black Smoke - Open Box
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Get great grinds with the Open Box Eureka Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder. Built on the same Mignon platform as the entry-level Filtro, the Mignon Crono expands on the former's coffee grinding prowess with a discrete timer for one touch grinding. Simply find your ideal pour over or drip coffee grind setting, time how long your dose takes, and set the side-mounted timer knob to match. Each Open Box Crono is built in sturdy metal, with hardened steel burrs and a brew-specific grind path for lower-static dosing. Finished with a smoke gray hopper and a grounds bin to match, the Open Box Crono makes for an affordably standout addition to your kitchen.

Features and Functionality

  • Stepless Adjust - Precise micro-adjustments make it easy to adjust for just-right drip coffee.
  • 50mm Flat Burrs - Hardened steel burrs make quick work of pour over grounds.
  • Bottom Burr Adjust - Adjusted from below the motor, the burr assembly can be disassembled for maintenance without losing your grind setting.
  • Grind Timer - A side-mounted potentiometer lets you set and save your ideal grind time.
  • Compact Case - The Crono's sturdy metal casing comes in a compact 5x7 footprint perfect for your kitchen counter.
  • Italian-Made - Each Mignon Crono is built by hand in Milan, Italy.
  • Manufacturer
  • Width
    5 inches
  • Depth
    6.75 inches
  • Height
    13.75 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
    210 W
  • Volts
    120 V
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    10 Ounces
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepless - Infinite Settings
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter
    50 mm
  • Material
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