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Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti HD8967/47 Superautomatic Espresso Machine - Certified Refurbished

Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti Front Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti Control Panel Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti Side Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti HD8967/47 Superautomatic Espresso Machine - Certified Refurbished
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Saeco really knocked this one out of the park. Take your favorite features from all of their earlier superautomatics, pulse drip coffee brewing, removable milk carafe and bean hopper, adjustable spouts, profile programming, one touch controls and package them all in a svelte 8.5-inch package in mirrored chrome and soft black. Then, make it smartphone compatible. The bluetooth-connected app (for both android and iOS platforms) gives you remote control over startup, cleaning, brewing, programming and profiles. Even better, the Gran Baristo Avanti stays true to its roots; it makes excellent espresso. What more could you need?

  • Bluetooth Connected - The belle of this brew ball, the smartphone-compatible Avanti puts control literally at your fingertips. The Avanti App even keeps you up to date on status and cleaning of your machine.
  • Minute Control - Whether you're using the touch-sensitive buttons or the app, the Avanti gives you control over three user profiles, 18 different drink options, pre-infusion, coffee length, milk length, temperature and dosing. Once its set up, save your favorites for quick selection later.
  • Adjustable Spouts - Slide the spouts down for demitasses, or all the way up for mugs. Taking your drink to go? pull off the split spouts for up to 6.5 inches of clearance for travel mugs.
  • Removable Brew Unit - Good on you for maintaining your machine! Removing the brew unit is easy for cleaning.
  • Removable Bean Hoppers - Want to try a new roast? the Avanti comes with two (two!) hoppers that you can pop off at a moment's notice.
  • Detachable Milk Carafe - The included milk carafe can be stored in the fridge when not in use. And it makes delicious, toasty milk for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Slim Profile - The narrow footprint of the Avanti will squeeze in almost anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Pros
    • The Future of Brewing - The ease in which you can program and select drinks from your phone is hard to describe. Especially coming from a standard control panel, using the app is incredibly intuitive.
    • Quite Quiet - As far as superautomatics go, the Avanti is one of the quietest we've tested.
    • Lookin' Good - Especially when compared to the mixed-medium designs of other Saecos (looking at you Xelsis Evo) the Avanti sports a much cleaner chrome and black scheme.
    • Good Coffee - As much as we were dazzled by the bevy of features built in to the Avanti, its important to note just HOW good the espresso this little machine can turn out.
  • Cons
    • Book Smarts Only - The app capabilities are great, but some of the features aren't as useful as they first seem. In particular, the ability to brew remotely is beset with a few issues.
    • Stretched Proportions - While the Avanti is nice and narrow, its also quite long. At just over 19 inches deep, you'll want to make sure it will fit on your countertops.
    • That Money - You'll pay for every feature and option that the Avanti includes, it's not cheap.
  • How Does it Compare?

    Based on the Gran Baristo line, the Avanti adds expanded menus, bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated smartphone app.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Make sure to keep an eye on the small drip tray. There is a latch underneath the front of the tray that lets it detach from the rest of the machine for easy emptying.

  • Resources

    Warranty Information for the Saeco HD8967/47 Gran Baristo Avanti - Certified Refurbished

    What it Covers: SCG's Certified Refurbished Equipment. Including Philips, Saeco, Delonghi, Rocket, Rancilio, Francis Francis Refurbished Equipment

    Length: 6 months

    Who Supports the Warranty: Seattle Coffee Gear, read more about Seattle Coffee Gear's Warranty coverage.

    Warranty Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at warranty@seattlecoffeegear.com

    Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes

    Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

    Caring for the Saeco HD8967/47 Gran Baristo Avanti - Certified Refurbished

    • Soap out drip tray and reservoir weekly.
    • Remove and rinse brew unit weekly.
    • Descale every two months as needed.

    • User Manuals for your Saeco HD8967/47 Gran Baristo Avanti - Certified Refurbished

      Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti User Manual

  • Model Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Width
    8.3 inches
  • Depth
    19.3 inches with cord
  • Height
    14.3 inches; additional height required to remove reservoir and hopper
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
    1900 W
  • Volts
  • Case Material
    Stainless Steel/Plastic
  • Cup Clearance
    3.4 to 6.5 inches
  • Reservoir Size
    1.7 L
  • Cup Tray
  • Warm Up: Brew Time
  • Boiler Design
  • Water Sources
    Reservoir/Internal Tank
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto On
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    9.3 oz
  • Bypass Doser
  • Material
    Stainless Steel and Plastic
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