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Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets - 430g

Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets - 430g
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Grinder jamming? As they age, grinder burrs build up excess oils from beans, especially if you prefer dark or French-roasted coffee. A spoonful of these tablets will clear out the excess oils and get your grinder back to spec in no time. Organic, biodegradable and phosphate-free, this earth-friendly formulation will easily clear out excess oils from your grinder's burrs. 430 gram container.

  • Sustainable Cleaning - Urnex' Biocaf line is designed to clean just as effectively as classic cleaners, while being better for the environment in the process.
  • Grinder Greatness - This all-edible formulation helps remove oil build-up (especially from darker roasts) and debris like chaff from your burrs.
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About Biocaf
It’s hard to know if the cleaning products you’re using are really sustainable. Biocaf from Urnex is here to help. Packing the same quality of their full line of cleaning products into a sustainable package, the Biocaf line includes cleaners for backflushing espresso machines, cleaning milk steaming systems, and freshening up your grinder. Make the switch today to keep your machine in pristine condition without creating extra waste.

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